Why You Need to Stop Doing Crunches…FOREVER

To review your  understanding of the Core, refer HERE.


I’m working with a client who experienced pelvic organ prolapse after her baby. Thats essentially when you feel like your digestive or reproductive organs are about to fall out.
Her physiotherapist gave us some amazing resources for our routine and I wanted to share this particular read with everyone

Whether u have POP or not, male or female, gave birth or not, this is useful to know

I’ve talked about this many times. I rarely give sit ups or crunches exercises to my clients. And when I do, it’s of very low volume, towards the end of the work out, just to satisfy their need to feel the “burn”

But in reality, practically every full body movement exercise works the core. And the core includes the deeper muscles that stabilize the spine. NOT THE 6PACK ABS

Doing a bazillion crunches and sit ups will not give you the lean waistline, but just leave u with a bad back and neck. And a weak pelvic floor! Instead, clean up your diet, manage your stress, and do core strengthening exercises such as planks and big complex movements (reaching, lifting, squatting, pushing, walking! Etc)

These will strengthen your core, help with posture, recruit the deeper muscles as well as the big ones to burn more calories!

And if ure not looking to burn more calories, strong core = lift heavier = bigger muscles. Potentially. Haha

Everyone is different and there is a time and place for everything (as I mentioned above)

But educate yourself before following some YouTube video without a clue

I love this article…”STOP SIT UPS FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!”

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