Why Would You Want a Double Chin?

Making a double chin will not give you a double chin!


I’ve had more than one client tell me that they used to purposely stick their neck out to avoid a double chin. This #ForewardHeadPosture not only puts stress on your spine, causes tension in the traps, shoulders, back, and ribs, even hips! But it can also contribute to the Dowager’s Hump (Think about that guy from Notre Damme!)

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To correct this, you need to pull the head back and make a double chin. I often cue my clients and yoga students to do this for corrective exercises and other strength training including some yoga poses.

This EXAGERATION/OVERCORRECTION will bring you back to alignment so that when you are relaxed your brain and body will know to come to a more natural but stable posture.

This will reduce stress, help your breathe better, and you can move better so you can burn calories, digest, metabolize, and get in shape more efficiently!

Do these double chin reps at a steady pace, 10 times daily, or multiple times. (I’M DOING THESE AS WE SPEAK! Well, as I type) While you’re driving and jamming to music, taking a break at your desk, walking etc. You can also stand against a wall and press the back of your head into the wall for 1 minute.

Image result for forward head posture wall Image result for forward head posture wall

You will eventually find yourself taller, straighter, and even slimmer looking!

So remember, making a double chin does not give you a double chin. Eating crap all the time and being lazy does!

picture credits: wikiHow and Erik Dalton
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