Plantar Faciitis Explained! (images and video included)

Taken from one of the best, @VinnieRehab, founder of MYODETOX and mentor to my hubby. Let’s teach you something about your feet and how to keep them strong and healthy. When they are, you knees, back, and posture will also be healthy! (video at bottom)


[feet advice]
“How many of you have been told that you are “overpronating” and that you need orthotics or special anti-pronating shoes to stop further pronation? Indeed these things do help increase supination transiently, but at what cost? 🗣You heard it here first! There is NOTHING wrong with pronation! The ability to pronate well is actually a sign of a healthy foot. In order for any movement to happen, the opposite movement must happen first. Muscles always lengthen before they contract. So like a rubber band, the more you pull back, the further it will go when you release it
Want good supination? Teach your foot to pronate well and the more you’re able to go into pronation, the further you’ll be able to bounce back into supination. When you throw a ⚾️, what happens? You bring your arm back into max ER and then fling your arm forward into max IR and release the ball. You CANNOT throw your foot into supination, if you can’t cock back your foot into pronation
So when you wear orthotics or shoes that prevent pronation, you are robbing your foot of the range of motion it requires to create 🔋 elastic energy in order to properly supinate
In the picture above you see different degrees of pronation and you have to understand that it’s not that you’re foot is overpronating. It’s actually that your foot is STUCK in a phase of pronation and has no idea how to get out of it
To further illustrate my point 👉🏼Imagine 🅰️ is supination, © is centre and 🅱️ is pronation. (Left foot as pictured)
FOOT MAP 🅰️321-©-123🅱️ .
A well balanced foot would be resting at ©. Able to go left or right depending on the movement
A foot stuck in pronation would be stuck in any position to the right of ©. (As pictured)

Stuck in
1🅱️mild pronation
2🅱️moderate pronation
3🅱️severe pronation
Wearing orthotics would look like this

FOOT MAP 🅰️321©🙅🏻‍♂️🅱️ .
You just blocked your foot and lost all the range you had in pronation. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😑Congratulations…you just played yourself. 😂😂😂
Takeaway? FXck orthotics, teach your foot how to pronate properly and you’ll be good to go!!! ✌🏼️✌🏼️✌🏼️ #Myodetox

[foot pain advice]
😩Do you suffer from heel pain aka plantar fasciitis? Often this happens because your plantar fascia is stressed in an irregular fashion which ends up causing micro-tears and inflammation
🙄Typical DUMB things usually prescribed for this condition are .
🔺Resting (doc, you made me wait for 2 hours in the waiting room to tell me to sit down more? 😐)
🔺Avoiding activities that make heel pain worse (you’re telling me I should stop doing what I love and get fat watching TV?! 😑) .
🔺Using shoe inserts (let me get this straight, you’re saying this 500$ piece of plastic that blocks my foot is going to help? 🙃) .
🔺Icing (sigh. I am angry I just spent 150$ on a Physio session for you to basically tell me to go fXck myself ⛄️❄️) .
🔺taking pain relievers (masking the real problem with morphine is always a good idea. 😜💊 )
Okaaaayyy…now that I’m done ranting and telling you shit you could have googled yourself, let’s get to it. How do you fix plantar fasciitis?!? You get your foot to MOVE!!!! ARTICULATE!!! 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻
Simple anatomy lesson, your forefoot and rearfoot during gait should be moving in opposition to each other. Ie. when one inverts, the other one should be everting .
When you pronate, your foot ✅OPENS medially and ❌CLOSES laterally. When you supinate, it does the opposite. This open and closing of the joints is what stretches out your plantar fascia, and gives it motion and ♻️healthy circulation. 👍🏼
When it is unable to do so, due to an orthotic or your foot’s inability to articulate properly, you end up loading abnormal tension into your plantar fascia and since it can’t dissipate the load through movement, it ends up taking the load and starts becoming damaged .
👉🏼The solution is simple in concept but difficult in execution! Like I said in my previous post, if you can teach your foot to supinate/pronate properly, you will 100% rid yourself of your heel pain!!! #Myodetox #plantarfasciitis”

– Vinh Pham, Physiotherapist and Founder Myodetox

ENTER YOGA! Standing yoga poses and practicing barefoot will train your feet to be strong and flexible. I’ll go over that in another post!
Also, my hubby and I put together a short video on treating PF with the lacross ball for one of our clients:

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