NEWS FLASH – leaking pee is not normal (Incontinence)



“Oh I just a bunch of kids, I just pee a little sometimes so I’m pretty good! Just don’t make me jump or laugh too hard.”

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“Oh I just have a small bladder so I won’t drink as much water.”

Ladies (and Gents!), you do NOT have to accept this as the norm. It’s not only moms that get this. Athletes, including trampolinists, gymnasts and tennis players do as well.

INC can be characterized as involuntarily leakage, even a drop of urine. URINE SHOULD NEVER COME OUT OF YOUR BODY UNLESS YOU ARE WANTING TO PEE! Stress INC is the most common and leakage happens when u laugh, sneeze, cough or exercise.

Signs you might have it: peeing before every workout, peeing once or more during work out, avoiding certain activities, has prolapse, low back pain.


  • Urge incontinence due to an overactive bladder – sudden urge to pee, even when bladder is not full. Example, walking by a bathroom and you feel like going in to pee
  • Stress incontinence due to poor closure of the bladder – coughing, laughing, jumping, sneezing
  • Overflow incontinence due to either poor bladder contraction or blockage of the urethra – unable to fully empty bladder, so a residual always remains
  • Functional incontinence due to medications or health problems making it difficult to reach the bathroom – example getting undressed in time

What to do: PF exercises from a physio has been shown to improve or cure INC 80% of the time. The out of pocket expense for treatment is nothing compared to buying pads and diapers for life.

Exercises: It can take 4-6 months for PF to recover following pregnancy so little or no impact activities such as swimming, biking, and walking.

AND YOU DO NOT HAVE A SMALL BLADDER. Your mind just thinks it is small and wants to empty before it really needs to be. If your pee is only 3 sec long, you really did not have to pee. 8-10 sec pee is normal.


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