Planks and Push-Ups – Shoulder Stability

I’m very passionate about planks, push ups and chaturanga. I see way too many poor push up mechanics out there (especially with that 22 push ups for 22 days thing going on) with a blown-out shoulder waiting to happen. So let’s work on it!

Watch this quick video and instructions below:


To address the placement of elbows and shoulders, we want to avoid:
– Flaring the elbows out
– Internal rotation of the shoulder
– Hands, elbows, and shoulders lining up
We want to encourage:
– Turning the crease of the elbows to face out
– External rotation of the shoulder
– Roughly 45 degree abduction of the arm
– Hands and chest lining up
This will keep the shoulder safe, stable, and encourage proper scapula control. With strong rotator cuff muscles, we will be able to generate more force with less effort and without strain and injury, and get stronger faster!

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