What Does Jessie Eat?

Since we know a little more about each other now, I think it’s about time I share with you some of my very valuable secrets – what I eat! I’m kidding – it really is no secret. I just never took the time to create this little document until now.

I’ve been asked a bazillion times by my friends and family about what I eat, where I grocery shop, what my favourite brands are, and how to satisfy a sweet tooth, salt craving or carb craving. Whenever I start working with a new client and I start coaching their nutrition, I make the mistake of repeating myself a lot, repeating my work, and inevitably overwhelming the bejesus out of them!

So here is my personal “cheat guide” of some of my favourite picks.

Dietary improvements will take time and it is a KEY ingredient toyour health, fitness, and wellness goals.  It is not the end of the world, you do not have to eliminate all your favourite foods forever, and you do not have to eat bird food for the rest of your life. But you do have to be open to change and realize that what you put into your body will affect your results.

It took me a good chunk of my day to finish this document so I hope it helps! As always, questions, feedback, and suggestions are encouraged and please share this with anyone you know who may find this helpful! It is still a work-in-progress because I continue to eat new stuff! YUM!

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To get the document, click HEREjessielamfitness picks

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2 thoughts on “What Does Jessie Eat?

  1. Hey Jessie! Thanks for sharing! But when I click to download…I only see page 1. I’m using iPhone 6 if that helps…

    • hey Laura sorry for the delay – yea unfortunately, apple products arent compatible with the pdf format 🙁 i have the same issue with my 6+. you’ll need a PC. Thanks for checking it out!

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