The Core Breath – Kegel Korrectly!

A proper functioning breath is key to EVERYTHING! In good postural alignment, oxygen can come into the body and nourish the cells all around, to help with movement, exercises, body functions, which of course, leads to WEIGHT LOSS and MUSCLE GAIN! YAY!

When you inhale, your diaphragm contracts and moves down, causing intra-abdominal pressure. The accommodate for that, the pelvic floor should move down and the TvA expands to create space (you can see your belly expand). By ensuring our breath is in support of this dynamic relationship, we will constantly be strengthening our core throughout the day and promoting stability [Bellies Inc. Manual]

Like any other muscle, if you want it to be strong, you need to contract and relax it. Biceps don’t get bigger and stronger from just holding the curl for 15 minutes. You flex, relax, and repeat. The pelvic floor muscle needs to do the same thing in order to get strong. So don’t clench and tighter your pelvic floor without relaxing it too!

We are trying to find the connection between the mind, and the deeper core muscles, in particular, the pelvic floor.

  • Sit on a stability ball or chair. Find neutral spine and pelvis by sitting on your “tripod.” Feel for the awareness on the 2 sitz bones and pubic bone.
  • Place one hand on your navel and one on your rib cage.
  • Breathe into the hands, expanding ribcage to the sides (like opening an umbrella) and fell belly expand as well.
  • After taking a few breaths here, start to connect to the pelvic floor.
  • Inhale to expand and feel space being created between the sitz bones and pelvic floor lowering.
  • Now focus on the exhale and feel the pelvic floor lift as you exhale. This is where you perform the kegal. Don’t clench the butt.



Exhale and…

  • imagine you’re walking into a cold ocean naked
  • draw the boys up
  • make your penis shrink
  • make your penis dance
  • draw turtle into shell
  • draw blueberry into anus


Exhale and…

  • imagine a blueberry outside of your vagina, suck the blueberry up and towards your tummy
  • imagine a jelly fish closing
  • draw your perineum towards crown of your head
  • prevent a tampon from falling out
  • sipping milkshake through a straw with vagina
  • imagine a book over your abs, close the book in the middle by bringing hip bones together

Now boys and girls, don’t forget to inhale and RELEASE! 🙂


See 2 videos below featuring my hubby @joerehab!:

For Men

For Women


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