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Let’s step back, even before the breath, and review posture, or the better word might be “alignment.” @belliesinc starts with the ABC’s: – Alignment, Breathing and Coordination.

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These are some VERY common postures I see amongst my clients, and really the general public.

Optimal alignment = breathing with ease = better control and coordination

Your #core4 muscles are designed to work together in anticipation of our every move, so they prepare us for the work BEFORE we even move.

When you are in optimal alignment your core is ‘free’ to do its job and you don’t have to think about it. The posture you live and move in daily, pregnancy, surgery, etc etc, all contribute to non-optimal alignment.

Alignment principles:

Start barefoot, so your feet can move, adapt, and feel the ground. Your feet support your entire body. If these are off, everything else will be!

Bring you perineum over the space between your ankles, ensure the bottom of your ribs line up with the top of your pelvis (your ‘hip’ bones). – gentle curve on lower back, gives you a perkier booty and flatter tummy too!

Slight knit in of the rib cage, with nipples pointed forward, not up or down

Natural kyphotic curve of upper back

Slight chin tuck/ make a double chin

Stacking: ears, shoulders, ribcage, pelvis, ankles.

When a core is not working optimally, all the ‘core training’ in the world will not fix it. You need to ‘retrain” before you train. Using your ABC’s will set you up with a stronger core and get you on your way back to the activities you love! [from Belliesinc Blog]

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