3 Day Safari & Maasai Tribe – Tanzania


Our trip has sadly come to an end 🙁 it seems like the mountain was ages ago but it’s only been 4 days since we were on that summit! It was nice to wind down at a safari after being beaten to a pulp by Kili 🤣🤕 –

Here are some amazing shots from our visit to Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, and Lake Manyara National Park. I’ll share more on my stories and my blog in my link! Some of the highlights were all the Pumbas, the humping baby elephants (I named them all Loki), the lion chinaman squatting in the shade, and the hyena with a bloody zebra leg in its mouth lol NBD 🤷🏻‍♀️ We saw a few rhinos but they were so far away 🙁 🦏 –


video playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFkoEot7Hm9uXHK-4M4QFmnkcZ8jNcL2t


Having some hang time with the Maasai tribe of Tanzania. These are the last of Africa’s tribe that still hold onto the traditional way, building their own homes, starting their own fire and herding cows 🐄 and goats 🐐 from sunrise 🌅 to sunset. They are nomadic people that move from spot to spot when all the grass from one area is gone. Here I am with a tribe of 30 that decided to go into tourism to earn money to build a different life for themselves. Within 5-10 years they will most likely be living a life similar to the average Tanzanian. .
Interesting Facts:
1️⃣ There are currently 6.5 million Maasai in Tanzania
2️⃣ Men gather materials such as cow dung, sticks, wood and straw and the women use this material to build their homes.
3️⃣ Women walk 12-15 km to fetch water daily
4️⃣ Men/boys herd cows and goats
5️⃣ Cows are of the highest possession. One grown cow is worth $250 US, therefore the more cows you have the richer you are.
6️⃣ Men can have multiple wives. They can buy one wife with 20 cows from another family of Maasai.
7️⃣ Men/boy who herd cows drink a combination of milk/corn mix throughout the long day and come home to eat one big meat meal. (they do not eat vegetables)
8️⃣ At the age of 18 Maasai men need to hunt down a lion 🦁 to become a Maasai Warrior.
9️⃣ Maasai people remain strong and healthy to the age of 75-80 and some reach up to a 100 years old. It is said that a rich Maasai chief who owns over a 1000 cows is still alive at the age of 123, with 26 wives and 65 kids.
But even this old way of life is changing as Tanzania becomes more modernized the government requires every Maasai kid to go to school. Gone are the days of 4-5 year old boys running around herding cows. With the government protecting the lions, the Maasai men ritual into manhood of hunting and killing a lion is no longer allowed. In addition they are required to settle down on a land given to them due to growing cities all around Tanzania. The days of roaming and nomadic life will soon come to an end and will be a dream of the past.

At the airport waiting to board now. Thank you Tanzania 🇹🇿 and Mar Tours for the most amazing experience!!!! And thanks everyone for following along

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