This pic should answer that question lol. Thats just from the RIGHT boob. And according to my breast feeding mama clients, they would have the same response.

I’ve been asked this a number of times so I thought I’d share my experience so far and knowledge from my own research. But I’m no lactation expert and I’m a first time mom, so take what I say with a grain of salt. Speak to a professional and do your own research if you have concerns

I am so grateful that I am able to exclusively breast feed my baby girl. The first couple of weeks were rough with a painful latch but she was always able to get milk and gain weight consistently so I toughed it out until it got better. Now, BFing actually feels nice and I love it. 



Inherently, no. If you’re getting enough calories and nutrients, and feeding your baby often, there shouldn’t be a reason why your supply would go down just because you’re exercising. I’m back to working out 7 days a week rotating through circuits, heavy lifting, cardio, HIIT, and daily walking and yoga. I’m not back to 100% intensity but I’m pretty close.

It’s safe to slowly lose weight through a healthy diet and exercise if it’s not drastic (don’t go on a juice cleanse for 7 days and drop 7lbs-of water). Personally, I have not lost any more weight since I gave birth. I went from 125 to 150 to 135lb. I dropped 15 of the 25lbs I had gained right away, but on some days I even GAIN weight. But I’m feeling great, stronger, and I think I’m looking better too (less like jelly lol), so that “last 10lbs” can go whenever it wants. 


The general “rule” is if you consume under 1500 cal per day consistently, your milk supply will likely drop (I consume 2000 cal per day on avg). It’s suggested that u need an extra 500 cal per day while breast feeding and this is 💯 truth! I’m always famished and I’m eating for a village! If you know me, u know I can eat A LOT already. Now add in breast feeding, u would be scared when u meet me lol



A balanced diet of adequate proteins, fats, and carbs (fibre), and plenty of fluids

This is what I consume a lot of:

  • 3-4L of fluids daily consisting of water, brown rice tea, green tea, fruits/veggies (I also drink Diet Coke but not daily 🙊 it’s my vice)
  • Pork and papaya soup that our mothers make
  • Lactation cookies (I eat a few booby boons every week or every other week. When I feel like pigging out I’ll eat the bag in one sitting 🐷 but they r expensive so I try not to do that often lol)
  • Oatmeal
  • Protein (I’m still on that animal protein train since pregnancy)



At about 4 weeks post partum I started pumping once at night after Harley’s feed. I was hoping to keep the flow strong and I guess it worked! I’ve been pumping once at night since, with a couple of nights missed because I was lazy. I’m trying not to pump every night now because I have so much frozen milk and eventually, Harley will be starting solids. I also want my supply to adjust to her needs. I do want to keep my supply up and use some of the milk later to make foods for her. But I’ve applied to donate at least 5L of my frozen milk to babies in need because otherwise, it will go to waste. I’m hoping to send those in soon (it’s quite a process to get approved etc but rightfully so)

If there’s anything else you’d like to know, comment below!! I hope this helps! 

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