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My Story: As a kid I was always full of energy. I loved sports and was a tomboy. However, by age 9 I started having body image issues. I was putting together the connection between exercising and being “skinny” like the girls on TV. I admired girls with bodies like Kelly Bundy and Kelly Kepowski! When I hit puberty, I started gaining a bit of weight and became one of the “bigger” Asian girls, thicker, a `husky`. Between the age of 12 and 16 my weight varied from 130 to 108 to 115, to 125 to 135…and it went on. I joined the gym when I was 16 and did only cardio – and no weights because I didn’t want to “get big.” I obviously saw no results and continued to yo-yo in my weight, trying to starve myself then binge, until I turned 19 obtained my personal trainer certification. I started educating myself on the benefits of strength training and muscle building, in addition to my cardio and stretch sessions. I discovered my passion for fitness. My crazy teenaged years of raving and other such things were replaced by time well spent at the gym, working out and training my clients. BUT I was still not healthy. I was still binge drinking, binge eating, clubbing (6 year Vegas streak) and hitting the gym the next morning. I ate a lot of bread and pasta, while pizza, bubble tea and pho were staples in my diet. I was also stressed and not fulfilled in my corporate job. I may have looked strong on the outside but my insides were out of whack. I had suffered for about 4-5 years with symptoms of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Although I was never formally diagnosed, the signs were all there. It was so bad that I while driving I had to pull over and run into the bushes. I would get anxiety while teaching classes and while sitting in meetings at work because I had to go and the washroom was not accessible. I had multiple tests done including blood work, stool tests, and ultrasounds and doctors found nothing.  I finally decided to make a change.
I discovered myfitnesspal. I started logging my foods and right away, I started being more mindful with how much simple carbs I was consuming. I started slimming down a bit. Last year, I finally competed in my first bikini competition and to cut out alcohol. No one believed me. HECK I didn’t believe I could do it. Now, no one believes me when I tell them I used party and drink hard ERRDAY (I would be drunk on a Tuesday night. I would go to the gym hung over.) I eliminated all white carbs, alcohol, and super sugary fruits like mangoes and grapes (still had bananas though) for 6 weeks. I started around 15-16% BF and went to around 10% BF and was 112lbs. I lost my period for 2.5 years.
Now, I’m approx 15%-16% BF and hovering around the same, give or take so approx 118-125lb. Depends on how much buffet I eat haha. I RARELY drink. I don’t even want to. I don’t have a sweet tooth but I do eat dessert sometimes and enjoy it to the max. I eat plenty of complex carbs such as whole grains, breads, rice, and sweet potatoes. Pho and pizza make their way on my plate occasionally.
Although my weight is back to where it was and sometimes more, I feel lighter, I look tighter and leaner, and my clothes and measurements are much better than pre-competition. I think the biggest difference is the absence of alcohol.
Logging my food and setting new goals for myself really helped me get healthy again. am happier and less stressed. I love learning and experimenting with what works with my body and embrace every step of this journey. –
Jessie Lam

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“It’s funny where life can take you sometimes. When I went to see Jessie just over 3 months ago, it wasn’t pretty. I had a huge list of all of the injuries and/or areas of pain I had been living with and tolerating for many years, not to mention allow  of the weight that had piled on since my brother’s death 4 ½ years ago. I had been told by previous doctors that I should never do certain exercises ever again, and I wasn’t given any alternative to come back to the life I had once known. Having been a former fitness instructor, I knew what it felt like to be strong and healthy. I so desperately wanted even a piece of that feeling again. I tried many times over the past few years to do it on my own, achieving only temporary success. I was finally ready to humble myself and reach out for the help that I needed.
Words cannot begin to describe what Jessie and her husband (Joe “the healer”) have done for me in such a short time. It was a tough start, I wanted to give up many times and be as complacent as I had been in the past, but Jessie refused to allow it. (I still feel like she attached some sort of device to me, that would tap into when I didn’t feel like working out, or when I was about to eat something horrible) because a text message would always come through, just at the right time, reminding me of the power I still had and encouraging me to do better for myself.
3 months later, I am in control again. My pain/injury list is now almost non-existent. I am down 22 lbs.!!!, and still going strong. I can see muscle definition without even flexing!!!, I am doing exercises I never thought I would be able to do again, I am able to do yoga, and most importantly I feel like me again! I have the peace and comfort of knowing that my brother is smiling because he knows I am taking care of “me”. Jessie, I can’t thank you enough for your support, expertise, and professionalism. Even though I threaten to lock you up somewhere far, far, away at least 50 times a week, I know I wouldn’t have seen these results without you! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!” 
– Trish Curling (A.k.a. Drake Shake your first celebrity client)

Before I started working out with Jessie, I was very unhappy with my body. I had no motivation, and kept eating bad food. Some of my favourite clothes weren’t fitting me anymore and over all i didn’t feel confident in my own body. I started working with Jessie in March 2015 and I was scared. I didn’t know what to expect and it was VERY difficult at first because I had never worked out like this, let alone work with a trainer. However, the more I did it, the better and stronger I felt. It took some work on my part in terms of attitude, working out on my own at home, and reshaping my diet. What I really liked when I started working out with Jessie was that she stressed that being healthy and active doesn’t mean you have to cut out the foods you like. You just make up for it with exercise and not eat that stuff everyday, it’s almost like a treat. So, fast forward just 3 months to June 2015, I actually now enjoy working out, and as much as it hurts, it’s always worth the results. My stomach disappeared, my legs got smaller, my arms got more toned, and my skin was more clear from not eating junk food as much. By eating foods that Jessie recommended, I’m fitting into clothes I never thought would fit me properly again and I’m confident again! I wasn’t able to say this for years, but I can now look in the mirror, liking what I see, and say “I love my body”. I could have never reached this point without Jessie. She’s done so much for me not just physically but psychologically and she helped me to realize the potential I didn’t think I had and use it to my fullest to get the results I’ve always wanted! Jessie, what you’ve done for me no words can describe. I am ever so grateful. Thank you Jessie. Azania C.W.

“I was introduced to Jessie through my amazing friend Trish. I saw how fabulous Trish was looking and feeling and Trish really encouraged me to have a consultation with Jessie! I was having breathing problems at that time and I really wanted to do something about it. The moment I met Jessie, I fell in love with her! She was just so motivating and I knew we would be a great team! After eight months, I can totally say that I’m addicted to training with her!

After the first session, I couldn’t go up the stairs for three days…but I couldn’t wait to go back to her for the next session! I feel so much healthier, breathing much easier, feeling good about myself and finally….I can say that I actually like yoga! The first day I told Jessie that I hated Yoga and she gave me the death stare! And you all know that look!!!

Jessie…thank you so much for pushing me to a level that I thought was not in me. Thank you for listening to me and always giving me the strength to move forward during the difficult months this year! Yes..there are days when I wanted to punch you when you said, “two more times!” And yes the basement is the “torture chamber.” But I’ve gained so much from this experience and I am looking forward to the months ahead with you! I feel great! I’m so much happier! Thank you for helping me to ….JUST BREATHE….and enjoy the present moment! xoxo” – M.B.

image“Jessie is professional and understanding. My energy has improved and the impressive thing I find from training with her is that she is able correct my posture and my technique. She is encouraging and very knowledgable in nutrition. I am also grateful for her accessibility anytime to assist my questions ongoing help with my fitness. ” – B.N.


`My journey to a healthier, fitter lifestyle started out like many others. I have never been overweight but I am not naturally skinny either. My biggest worry when I was pregnant was how to loose the baby weight, so I worked hard postpartum through treadmill runs and random “no meat” diets, thinking it was the best solution to stay slim. With two little ones at home and a full time job, I had no time to go to the gym and quite frankly, I thought I was in ok shape. Then I found myself working out at bootcamp, at first, as a way to pass time while waiting for my children to finish their Tae Kwan Do class but it ended up being my addiction, as I slowly gained strength and endurance. However, I started to really take on the saying “sore is the new sexy”, as my muscles ached on a daily basis. I also had no definition in my abs, something I had always wanted but never knew how because I could never do traditional ab exercises due to my Scoliosis. So I started practicing yoga with Jessie and what I gained was not only increased flexibility, more body awareness to avoid pain but surprisingly, leaner, more defined lines. I also found my new passion in yoga. It embodies both strength and flexibility, a perfect compliment to my bootcamp workouts. Results became even more evident when Jessie helped me clean up my diet and educated me on selecting foods that both nourishes my body as well as improves my digestive health. This new journey towards a healthier lifestyle is not an easy road, but it is one that will impact both myself and my family for years to come.“
On Yoga:“I definitely noticed more mobility and flexibility in all my joints.  I find recovery from boot camp easier as I am able to stretch in more effective manner.  I also am surprisingly enjoying the 30 day challenge as it holds me accountable for practicing nightly and that is a good influence on my less flexible other half.  Overall, I would highly recommend your class to anyone interested in improving their overall health and well being.” – Noella Leung

“Getting fit and healthy has been fun and easy to achieve with Jessie by my  side. Throughout this process her support has been unwavering no matter  how many times I’ve made decisions that have compromised my goals or have given up on myself. She is always just a phone call or text away. She is open, non-judgemental, easy to talk to and very honest. She has helped me create healthy solutions that fit my lifestyle and are easy to implement into my daily activities. She has been a fountain of knowledge not just about what to do in the gym but what to do outside as well. In addition to the disappearing pounds and inches my flexibility has increased and I can now do full push-ups. I found that Jessie’s approach builds you from the ground up giving you the foundation you need feel confident in yourself and your journey. She pushes you past the limits you put on yourself. Her passion for holistic health is contagious and makes her one of the best practitioners I have ever encountered. I look forward to continuing my journey and achieving many more successes with Jessie by my side.” – ND


“One of my biggest passions is body building, I love lifting weights and hitting new PRs. I knew when I started lifting heavy weights, mobility , range and fast recovery are one of the most important staples in avoiding injury and building strength. I realize I want to make sure I am still doing what I love and passionate about until I am very old. Since incorporating regular yoga sessions with Jessie, I’ve notice a significant improvement in my lifts. I continue to hit new PRs, my squats are deeper with a bigger emphasis on control and motion, and my recovery time has significantly decreased. My shoulder range has improved and I can press overhead with more ease and load. Jessie has helped combined breathing techniques that has been incorporated into my training for more smoother lifts. I am proud to say I can take a dump squatting comfortably if there are no toilets around.” – Benson Hong

Through consistent positive feedback and encouragement, Jessie Lam has helped me to accomplish things I did not think possible.  I had always been overweight but her training and experience and  support helped to push my personal limits and make me a fitter person. Jessie encouraged me to take personal responsibility for my eating habits and exercise routines, and thus made great progress in losing weight and maintaining the weight loss as well as developing my fitness level.  Through her efforts as a personal trainer I established a foundation of fitness which I continue to maintain and develop now.” – Helen Pierre


Fitness has always been a very important part in my life, as I have always worked really hard to be what society considers “normal’ weight. I have had male trainers in the past who helped me to try and achieve my goal. Through time, I got stronger, but I also felt like I got thicker, bigger, and “Hulkier”.

After having a baby earlier this year in January, I knew that I needed to find someone who understood the female body and my specific body build. Jessie was the answer.
She built a workout plan that really worked! As soon as my body would begin to plateau, she would change it up again. She guided me through a nutrition plan so that I would make healthier choices and most importantly, followed up with me to hold me accountable throughout the week. 
Jessie has always been focused on my end goal, so I could never get away with chatting longer than my rest breaks in between reps. LOL 
This girl means business! but that is what I needed. Someone who is passionate about what they do and loves helping people make a positive difference in their life.  My journey is not over but Jessie definitely helped me to get back on track and continue to live a healthier and more active lifestyle. #noexcuses – Kristen Ip-Leung


“Jessie helped me get my health back on track when my doctor told me some sad news from my annual check up. 1 Year later, a visit to the doctor told a different story.  She educated me about what I need to change in my diet and how to go  about it. It wasn’t just about the training sessions with her but she  was teaching me and giving me the tools that I needed to sustain my  ongoing progress. I was able to fit into dress pants from high school. By building  my core strength, the back pain I had was gone. Working out had strengthened my arms  and I regained my grip strength.The wisdom Jessie was teaching me was not just shaping my body physique  but my overall health was improving. Mentally, I feel better about  myself, strong and confident.” – Jamson Cheng

“So we (my husband and I) signed up with Mike Liu and his team mate Jessie Lam for some on-line training. This is 5 weeks in, I’m really happy to see some leg muscle… I struggle with legs and glutes! I have completed every workout but have had some hiccups and cheats on the diet. Thank you Mike and Jess! We are so happy to be working with you! You didn’t try to sell us shakes, wraps or other crazy products… Just tons of support, a great diet plan with a fantastic shopping list and real workouts at the gym! Every question you’ve answered quickly! You are great communicators you even made videos for us, took our middle aged health concerns seriously and suggested great supplements, vitamins etc. Best personalized program ever from the best coaches! Can’t wait to see what the next few weeks bring!” – Cathy Mathieson, mother of 5 in her 50’s!


 “Jessie is an exemplary athlete who demonstrates  perseverance in achieving her goals. Every day after she finishes the  class she spends time on her own training. She does not shy away from  competition, either it be “Game Changer” or “Ontario Physique  Association” or just a simple push up competition at a wedding ceremony. World is her arena.  It is not surprising to see her enthusiasm and sportsmanship spread  among people who know her and brings them to her classes. Her attention to detail and care for every individual’s progress places her among the   best teachers I know.” – Pirooz Zaeemfar

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